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Koi Keepers deserve the best, and that is what Valterra Slide Valves offer…the best Slide Valves for Koi Ponds on the market today.

These high quality slide valves are ideal for controlling the flow of water around your pond.

Valterra Slide Valve Uses

  • Control water flow in to Pond and Koi Filters
  • Flush valves for Koi Filter waste outlets
  • Flush valves for a Bottom Drain
  • Control water flow on water features
  • For closing or controlling Skimmer lines
  • For closing or controlling Venturi lines


1½”, 2″, 3″ & 4″ Valterra Slide Valves all require sleeves if you are using Black Metric Solvent Waste Pipe.

110mm valve does not need Sleeves for Black Metric Solvent Waste Pipe.

1 x Replacement Seals for 1.5″, 2″, 3″, 4″ & 110mm Valves are also available.

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1 x 1.5" Valtera Slide Valve Washer, 1 x 2" Valtera Slide Valve Washer, 1 x 3" Valtera Slide Valve Washer, 1 x 4" Valtera Slide Valve Washer, 1.5" Valtera Slide Valve, 110mm Valtera Slide Valve, 2" Valtera Slide Valve, 3" Valtera Slide Valve, 4" Pressure Valtera Slide Valve, 1 x 110mm Valtera Slide Valve Washer


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