Shogun Koi Food


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Shogun has superior digestibility in low temperatures and can be used all season.

JPD shogun is specially formulated, using high quality ingredients, for the maintenance of healthy koi.

This koi food is manufactured to maintain its shape and will not cloud the water.

Shogun’s formula contains high quality fish meals, which koi find very palatable.

High recommended for Whitening as well as maintaining white shiroji.

Improves digestibility to help maintain body shape.

Manufactured with natural ingredients such as top quality wheatgerm.

Formulated with heat-resistant vitamin C to help protect koi from virus and diseases, as well as reduce stress.

Contains Vitamin E and Grape Seed Oil to protect skin from oxidation.

Contains Mannose to stimulate more mucous to protect fish skin as well as achieving skin shine.Includes Probiotics; which helps improves koi’s digestive process, thereby improving absorption and reducing waste output.


  • Protein 36%
  • Fat 7%
  • Fibre 2.2%
  • Ash 8.2%
  • Phosphate 1.26%
  • Calcium 1.4%
  • Sodium 0.2%

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10kg Medium Pellets, 5kg Medium Pellets


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