Pumice Stone Filter Media


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Our range of Pumice Koi Filter Media is now being used extensively as an alternative to traditional koi pond filter media in trickling filters and trickle towers.

Our Koi Filter Media is inert and rapidly colonises with beneficial bacteria which help cleanse the pollutants. It is relatively porous making it a good media for biological filters of all kinds.

  • Neutral pH levels
  • High surface area
  • Cost effective media choice
  • Rapidly colonises with beneficial bacteria
  • 100% natural, lightweight product.
  • Size 30mm – 50mm

More suited for trickle towers with slower flow, if used in a Bakki Shower, then it will wear down over time, unlike CSM or Lotus Media.

Size 30mm – 50mm

Efficient biological filtration depends on the media of choice having an adequate specific surface area (SSA), adequate voiding and water retention time.

Our Pumice Koi Filter media has a large surface area and is therefore ideal in this application.

Available in 10kg and 25kg sacks

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10kg, 25kg


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