8mm plastic airline manifolds




These plastic manifold can be used with our 8mm hose, they are 18 mm Diameter one end that fits our Air Pump rubber elbows and have a 8mm adjustable air taps.

They are a extremely high-quality well made adjustable plastic manifold for air, which allows air to be divided into 11,9,7,5 and 3 way adjustable branches using 8 mm diameter air hose. These are very practical air manifolds, with which the air supply for each branch can be conveniently adjusted with a handle.

Please select the number of air taps you require in the drop down menu.


Main Body: Polypropylene (PP).
Valves: ABS / HDPE.

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11 Way, 3 Way, 5 Way, 7 Way, 9 Way


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