Norfine Net Head And Handles


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These Norfine Nets are truly well made, we are extremely impressed with the quality of these Nets and Handles.


So much so that we simply had to include these in our stock range.


There is only One Word that we can possibly use to describe these Norfine Nets ‘Superb’ and truly sound value for money.


One of the best made range of Nets that we have seen for a long, long time.


You can buy any one of the norfie nets from the range and we are sure that you will be more than satisfied.


The Norfine Nets are extremely well made and strong and will stand up to the job that they are required to do.


All Nets and components on these Norfine Nets are British made.


Norfine Nets are easy to use, ideal for small ponds or quarantine systems as well as your main koi pond.


If you purchase the complete 66cm Net and handle the overall size is approximately 2.5 Meters.

We only deliver this item to uk Mainland.

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61cm, 66cm With 2 Meter Aluminium Handle, 74cm, 100cm (Heavy Duty), 90cm (Heavy Duty)


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