Lincolnshire Fish Health Detox


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Lincolnshire fish health detox formula will reduce the levels of many pollutants in the pond When pollutants are at high levels such as COPPER, LEAD, ZINC, AMMONIA, NITRITE & ACID RAIN they are liable to cause your fish to die.

At low levels pollutants make fish more susceptible to disease.

Pond Detox Formula neutralises pollution, improves water clarity, settles particles, enriches skin colour, improves skin luster, aids digestion and generally improves health.


  • Weekly for stable water
  • During pollution
  • Quarantine systems
  • Temporary tanks
  • Overstocked ponds
  • When adding new fish
  • During illness
  • During breeding
  • In diet – to promote health, growth, vitality & enhance colour and skin quality.

Feed Dose: 
Dissolve 1 Tablespoon PDF in 250ml water to soak 500ml of pellet food.

Dosage Guide:
To maintain water stability: 2 Tablespoons per 1000 gallons.
Dissolve in a little pond water before use.

The amount of pond detox required to neutralise pollution naturally varies with the problem and the dose should be increased accordingly.

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