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Kusuri Nitrite Pond Water Test Kit


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The Kusuri Nitrite Pond Water Test Kit comprises of 3 x 10 foil sealed tablets, test tube with cap, plastic acetate colour match chart with colour breaks at 0/0.1/0.25/0.5/1.0/2.0 and 4mg/L.

Readable range 0 to 4.0 mg/L.Full instructions are included, along with water quality guidelines.

The Kusuri Nitrite Test Kit features Palintest® technology components, they are the very best in visual test kits.

The Kusuri Nitrite Test kit features an easy to colour match plastic acetate card, and are supplied with non-degradable foil sealed tablets.

Each kit will do 30 tests.

The “one off” range principle is exactly that!

Buy it once, and you can replenish your kit with refill tablets (for 50 tests) or any other components required, and of course we put plenty of water quality information in our kits, so appropriate action can be taken if results are not as anticipated.

Kusuri Test Kits feature an accurate plastic acetate colour strip. When held up to a daylight source, it is far easier to compare than a paper printed chart.

Please Note: This test kit will not give an accurate reading with salt in solution.


Download Nitrite Test Kit Instructions

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