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Kusuri Fluke-P is a 5% Praziquantel based liquid medication used to eradicate Gill Flukes, Body Flukes and Tapeworms.

This liquid treatment is safe to use without destroying the beneficial bacteria in the filter and can be used at any temperature.

While dosing with Fluke P you can continue to feed.

If the mucus layer is excessive, dosing with Chloramine T at 10g per 1000 gallons, 12 hours before using Fluke P, this will assist in reducing the mucus membrane where body flukes can sometimes get trapped.

Use 18ml per 100 gallons (454 litres) of pond water

250ml treats 1375 gallons

500ml treats 2750 gallons

1 litre treats 5500 gallons

This product is designed as a one off treatment, but may require a second dose after 7 days in heavy infestation. Alternatively you can use Kusuri Fluke M after 7 days.


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1 Litre, 250ml, 500ml


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