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Kusuri Sludge buster contains selected bacteria to efficiently bio-degrade sludge and detritus in ponds, pipework, filters, areas hard to clean such as folds in pond liners and improves pump flow rate.

Regular use prevents accumulation of organic sediments, is ideal as a spring and autumn treatment, reduces biological oxygen demand (B.O.D), increasing oxygen availability to fish and the biological filter.

Kusuri Sludge buster is best applied weekly or at least once a month.

Ideal for use in ponds with no bottom drain system where the build up of waste can cause poor water quality and clarity.

Kusuri recommend using Sludge buster once a month in this situation to keep the pond clean and hygienic, assisting in preventing bacterial infections.

Use 100ml per 1000 litres (220 gallons) of pond water.
For best results use above 15°C (59°F).

Kusuri Sludge buster can be brewed with Preactivator.

Please see tab below for further information on how to use Preactivator.

Shake container before use, dilute as required into a bucket of pond water, and disperse around the pond.
For best results use above 15°C (59°F) as bacteria split multiply and divide more efficiently the warmer the water temperature.

How to use preactivator:
Use Preactivator 12 grams to 500ml of Kusuri Sludge buster.
Add 12 litres of pond water, and heat with an aquarium heater to 25°C. Add an air stone and leave for seven days in the dark. Allow to cool and add to your filters.
This procedure will activate the Sludge buster to make it very powerful and more effective.

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