Kockney Koi Yamitsu Bombay Mix


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Kockney Koi Bombay Mix provides a complete food for all sizes of pond fish.

Bombay Mix is a healthy blend of sticks and pellets from 2mm to 16mm providing a nutritious staple diet for koi and other pond fish.

Kockney Koi Bombay Mix makes a fantastic staple diet that encourages healthy growth and promotes colour development due to its added colour enhancer.

Fish will love the tasty flavours of the pellets and sticks and the added Vitamin C will boost your fish’s immune system.

Bombay Mix Product Summary:
Encourages growth Vitamin C boosts immune system.

Variety of sticks and pellets from 2mm to 16mm.

High quality food at an affordable price Includes Spirulina for nutrition.

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