Kockney Koi Yamitsu Algae Master Quartz Sleeve




Kockney Koi Yamitsu Algae Master Quartz Sleeve insulates the lamp from the water, allowing the lamp to operate at the optimum performance.

The ultraviolet lamp will remain independent of the flow of water.

Quartz Sleeves are of open ended construction and are made from pure fused quartz.

Quartz is extremely transparent over a wide spectral range, with a low coefficient of thermal expansion and quartz is resistant to scratching and thermal shock.

Fused quartz is made form crushing and melting natural materials.

The purity of quartz is paramount to the efficiency of the lamp and sleeve.

  • Greater ultraviolet transmission
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Increased hardness and resistance to scratching
  • Higher resistance to solarisation or darkening from ultraviolet radiation

Approximate Sizes:

  • 15W/25W-428mm UV Quartz Sleeve
  • 30W/55W-887mm UV Quartz Sleeve

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110w 2 x 55w Quartz Sleeves, 15w, 25w, 30w, 55w


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