Impermax Geomax Geotextiel 30cm x 100m


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Geomax Geotextiel reinforcement. A special nonwoven, made of synthetic fibre, specially developed for use in conjunction with Impermax (and its elasticity). This is optimally suitable for places (eg corners, gaps, floor drains) where increased protection is necessary.

This cloth minimizes the effect of self-distribution of the product and thus ensures that a corresponding thickness is reached quickly.

Main applications: IMPERMAX internal layer to protect against damage caused by corners, sharp objects, edges, etc to reduce the effect of self-distribution, for example, when processing steep / vertical surfaces as protection from below, when IMPERMAX on uneven surfaces is processed.

Available in 2 versions: as reinforcement (GEOMAX) or as superior /inferior protection of membranes, and drainage (GEOMAX PROTEC).-

Geomax is available in small width (30 cm), ideal to treat wall/floor areas, and when preparing areas before waterproofing.

Geomax is a thermo-welded Geotextile fabric used for reinforcement with Impermax Waterproofing Systems.  It has a weight of 80 grams per sq. m.  The Geo has to be fully saturated with the wet Impermax Liquid.  The 30cm wide roll is ideal for the details- where the base of the pond meets the vertical. This is a critical area/ junction -and should be reinforced using 15cm width on the vertical and 15cm width on the Base.  If the cement /screed if badly cracked then reinforce the total area with the 1m wide reinforcement.

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