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The Hi Blow air Pumps offers a full range of linear diaphragm pumps, including the Hi Blow 40,80,100,200 Air Pumps, providing solutions to meet a broad range of requirements in the koi pond and aquatic environment.

What ever your requirements you will be looking for a pump that provide clean oil-less air, extremely quiet operation, long life, low power consumption, low vibration, and low starting current.

The Hi Blow range of Air Pump is the solution.

The Hi-Blow range of air pumps are ideal for delivering large volumes of air under pressure.

These popular air pumps are designed to drive multiple air stones/air diffusers at depth in your pond or filter chamber.

The Hi Blow range of Air Pumps are linear diaphragm air pumps.

  • long life
  • low power consumption
  • low vibration and quiet operation

These pumps are widely used amongst the most serious of Koi and Ornamental Fish Keepers,due to their proven reliability and running costs.

  • HP-40 will deliver 40 litres of air per minute. (40L/min)
  • HP-80 will deliver 80 litres of air per minute. (80L/min)
  • HP-100 will deliver 100 litres of air per minute. (100L/min)
  • HP-200 will deliver 200 litres of air per minute. (200L/min)


Download Data Sheet PDF

Note: It is advisable to fit one way valves to your air pipes, especially if the Hi Blow Air Pump is to be placed below the level of the surface of the pond water, as this will prevent any water from siphoning back and damaging the Air Pump.


We also sell the diaphragms mounting blocks for the Hi-Blow HP 40,80 air pumps.
Both diaphragms should be replaced at the same time.

For instructions on how to replace the diaphragms please see below.


Download HP40 Service Guide PDF

Download HP80 Service Guide PDF

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Hi Blow HP 100, Hi Blow HP 200, Hi Blow HP 40, Hi Blow HP 40 Diaphragm Block 2pcs, Hi Blow HP 80, Hi Blow HP 80 Diaphragm Block 2pcs, Hi Blow HP 60 Diaphragm Block 2pcs



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