Heavy Duty Koi, Pond Flexi Hose


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Our flexible Hose is the very best that you can buy it is extremely strong and yet retains it’s flexibility, with smooth interior which eliminates the drag on the flow of water through it.

Also this hose can be, if you wish, actually be ‘Solvent Welded’ to your own PVC fittings, clearly hose as good as this costs a little more but it is well worth the extra cost involved.

Thick walled PVC based tubing.

Very hard to be crushed and is very difficult to damage or distort.

Ideal for pond filter systems, quality heavy duty hose, does not kink and will not restrict water flow. Measurements are internal.


  • Fits 25mm (1 Inch) flexible pipe fittings
  • Fits 32mm (1.25 Inch) flexible pipe fittings
  • Fits 38mm (1.5 Inch) flexible pipe fittings
  • Fits 50mm (2 Inch) flexible pipe fittings
  • Heavy duty (2mm nominal thickness)
  • Available in lengths up to 30 metres except 2″ which is only available in 25 meters
  • Priced up at per metre price
  • Sold as one continuous length, I.E 5 Quantity = 5 metre length

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    25mm (1 Inch), 32mm (1.25 Inch), 38mm (1.5 Inch), 50mm (2 Inch)


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